About Us

In southern Paliki, west of Lixouri city and between two famous beaches, Xi beach with the red sand and Laggadakia beach with its white pebbles, lies the estate Vasta Lagkadi Village.
The estate is in perfect harmony with nature, according to the traditional architectural patterns of the area that can offer alternative forms of vacation, relaxation and fun learning.

According to narratives of elderly people, Vasta Lagkadi is the spacious lagkadi, open to its geographical landscape that doesn’t arouse you aesthetically and its place spreads with serenity that opens the eyes at the beautiful horizon of the area. The word Vasta comes from the old Venetian homonym, which states the exhilaration of the place and the beautiful mood for a tour that predisposes you to such a landscape as this, Vasta Lagkadi.

The estate is located 7,5 km from Lixouri city and 4km from the organized famous Xi beach, which is well known for the hospitality of Careta-Careta turtle.
For those on the lookout for something different we propose Laggadakia beach (pebble) situated only 2km from the estate. The beach can be reached both by car and on foot, through a magnificent hiking route of unique and varied landscape. Changes, small and large beaches, clear and clean water. The area is ideal for fishing. A little further we can see the lighthouse of Gerogobos that dominates in the endless Ionic Sea, a place where you can enjoy a magical sunset.